Xomatropin Review

When you were a kid the words human growth hormone probably didn’t turn your head. Now that you know the anti-aging benefits HGH can offer…really makes it a hot topic! Xomatropin helps increase these hormones with a formula containing amino acids, peptides, and other nutrients that induce relaxation.

The pituitary gland works while you sleep producing an increased amount of growth hormone that is responsible for many youthful characteristics. Some of the benefits Xomatropin may provide you with are:

• More restful sleep
• Lean muscle gain
• Weight loss
• Increased energy
• Better complexion
• An improved mood

What’s in Xomatropin?

Looking at the product description on the retail sites that sell Xomatropin, we find that almost all of them have a different ingredient list. The only thing that was the exact same is no total amount given, not even a proprietary blend amount, which is common in many supplements.

Xomatropin does have amino acids, which are used in many supplements for their ability to stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more growth hormone. There are other ingredients listed that may help reduce stress, induce a deeper sleep, and give a feeling of well-being.

It’s just hard to say what Xomatropin can do without an amount.

Does Xomatropin Have Side Effects?

There may be some mild side effects such as insomnia, headache, jitters, heart palpitation, and anxiety. These ingredients sound like the reaction to a stimulant, but Xomatropin contains ingredients that are supposed to have the opposite effects like helping you sleep, relaxation, and calming benefits.

Because Xomatropin has an undisclosed ingredient amount may be the cause of these reactions.

How Fast Will Xomatropin Give Results?

Because Xomatropin is a spray, it goes right under your tongue, this is a better way of getting it into your system compared to tablets or capsules.

The problem here is that we don’t have any customer reviews that might clue us in on how it works.

Most of the time the first results will be seen in a few days, and long term benefits are seen after weeks of use.

Unfortunately, Xomatropin gives us nothing to report.

How Much Does GH Factor Cost?

Xomatropin is found only on a few retail sites on line, the cost ranges from $67.89 up to $99.00. We can’t determine how long Xomatropin will last because there is no serving amount listed on the label.

Does Xomatropin Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Regrettably, there is no guarantee offered for Xomatropin.

Xomatropin Conclusion

Xomatorpin falls short in just about every category. The ingredients are known, but there is an unknown amount, which is a little scary.

There are no customer testimonies, we can’t find an official website, no one provides a guarantee, the description on all the sites don’t really say much about Xomatropin, they talk about the chemistry of pituitary gland and GH stimulation, and it’s expensive.

There are so many GH supplements on the market that are reputable that offer everything Xomatropin does not. We suggest that you look for an alternative supplement other than Xomatropin for the obvious reasons mentioned.

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