What are the Side Effects of HGH?

side effects of HGH
HGH, or human growth hormone, is most often associated with major league athletes, professional body builders and muscle-building actors like Sylvester Stallone who developed a reputation for abusing HGH to get to the top.

As HGH became a more prevalent topic on sports news channels and around local gyms, people want to know the possible side effects of HGH and whether or not HGH is worth the risk.

The Dangerous Side Effects of HGH

HGH is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland in the brain that is responsible for cell growth and repair in the body. But unfortunately, after the age of 30, HGH levels drop by 14% every 10 years and by the time a person reaches the age of 60, they’ll be functioning at about 50% of the HGH produced in their teens and young adulthood.

The fact that HGH essentially controls the aging process has led many older individuals as well as those who would like to build lean muscle and reverse muscle breakdown to seek out HGH products as an anti-deterioration “cure-all.”

HGH side effects But Anyone considering HGH as an option to improve their health or physical performance should be aware of the side effects of synthetic HGH injections.

High Dose and Long Term Use:

For Young Adults: If a person experiences a sudden increase in their HGH levels before they reach their adult height then their growth process can become imbalanced and gigantism has been a known side effect. For this reason, people under the age of 30 and especially those under 21 are not recommended to take HGH supplements (unless prescribed as growth therapy by a practicing physician).

For Mature Adults: On the other end of the spectrum, individuals who experience a spike in their HGH levels after their growth plates have fused, a condition called acromegaly is sometimes seen. This condition involves uncontrolled (cancer-like) bone growth particularly in the face, jaws and craniums. People with the early signs of acromegaly have also experienced growth in the hands and feet, a noticeable increase in ring sizes and shoe sizes, and straightened teeth can become crooked. Although Acromagely is not an overly common condition and is primarily the result of HGH injections, it is still a factor to be considered.

Benefits of HGH Supplementation

Because HGH plays such a large role in muscle and bone growth, fertility, eyesight, memory, and metabolism, many bodybuilders and aging adults turn to HGH supplements for help. Since the 1980’s HGH supplements have become increasingly popular because they can help build and maintain lean muscle mass as well as reverse the signs of aging when it comes to wrinkle reduction, improving memory loss and eye sight, increased energy, weight loss, and they promote and overall boost in athletic performance and everyday body function.

So, What’s the Good News When it Comes to HGH?

While synthetic HGH injections can cause serious side effects, you can raise your HGH levels naturally without the side effects of HGH injections.

All-natural HGH supplements are a great way to see the benefits of increased HGH production without the side effects. The limited and rare side effects associated with natural HGH supplements are no more than you would expect from any over-the-counter product.

So what make Natural HGH Supplements safe?

Natural HGH supplements (like the sprays and the pills) contain HGH promoters which are natural ingredients that have been proven to increase HGH production in a safe and effective manner in the pituitary gland.

Our Conclusion

Increasing HGH levels has proven to be an effective way to speed recovery time, build muscle faster, enhance athletic performance and reduce the signs of aging. But the wrong approach (synthetic HGH) can prove more harmful than good. If you feel yourself needing an extra boost, an HGH supplement can be a perfect solution without having to worry about the side effects of HGH.

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  1. thank you

    I read about GH3 from Romania a long time ago and even met the lady that had been formally crippled from arthritis that was written about in the book (pianist). HGH was proved safe by FDA but didn’t pass the efficacy test because it healed on too broad a spectrum (that’s a problem??) So, I’ve wondered now why there are so many cautions against it. Thank you for explaining pros and cons.

    gayle mcdonald
    October 20, 2011 at 9:24 am

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