Vital HGH Review

Vital HGHVital HGH is an HGH spray made by a company called Liddell Laboratories.

By spraying it under the tongue three times daily, Vital HGH is supposed to help relieve low energy, promote better muscle/fat balance, and support a better night’s rest. Obviously HGH is a potent hormone that provides a myriad of benefits, but can Vital HGH really help you benefit more of this anabolic compound? That’s what we wanted to find out.

Vital HGH’s Ingredients

To get down to whether or not a supplement is effective, you have to delve into the ingredients. We took a look at Vital HGH’s compounds individually to see if their formula was worth investing in.

HGH: Obviously this is not actually HGH but a synthesized form of it from a pharmaceutical laboratory. This form of HGH would normally require a prescription but since Vital HGH is a homeopathic blend, they don’t need one.

Homeopathic blends take the original compounds and dilute them over and over again until there are almost no original pharmaceutical molecules left. This is method is obviously very safe but it is also very ineffective. Reputable studies have shown that homeopathic remedies are often nothing more than water.

Pituitarium: Though Vital HGH won’t tell you this, Pituitarium is actually pituitary extract harvested from animals. Vital HGH does not indicate what animal it comes from but supplements like these often use cow pituitaries. Pituitarium is supposed to support healthy function of the endocrine system, encouraging the secretion of more HGH and other beneficial hormones.

Hepar: This compound is actually a liver extract. Again, from what animal, we don’t know. Vital HGH claims that hepar can increase the body’s ability to secrete IGF-1, an anabolic variant of HGH that can support healthy cell growth and proliferation in muscle and bone structure.

Safety of Vital HGH

Vital HGH is very safe; most due to the fact that it is not very potent. It should not cause side effects or health problems.


After reviewing Vital HGH’s ingredients, we do not feel comfortable recommending it to our readers. Its homeopathic preparation means that it will pretty much be powerless when it comes to yielding any results.

In addition, Vital HGH’s addition of animal liver and pituitary extract raises some health concerns. Many experts warn to avoid using pituitarium from cows from certain regions due to risk of mad cow disease. With all these concerns piling up, we strongly encourage you to avoid this product.

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