Tropinex AQ Review

Tropinex AQEach year your body gets older and less able to function like it used to. Recent breakthroughs in health research have shown that increasing the production of growth factors can reverse or prevent some of the negative conditions of aging.

Tropinex AQ was designed to promote growth factor release with the help of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). These terms sound foreign, but their benefits are very familiar and desirable. If Tropinex AQ is an effective product, it will improve muscle strength; burn unwanted fat; enhance the look of skin; increase energy; and promote health and well-being.

The ingredients in Tropinex AQ are supposed to stimulate the release of more growth factor, in an effort to make these benefits possible.

What is in Tropinex AQ?

Tropinex AQ contains two proprietary blends: Body & Mind Matrix and Pituitary Growth Matrix. Proprietary blends are a problem because the manufacturers who use them do not disclose the individual amount of each ingredient in the blend. They only offer a total amount for the whole blend. In the case of Tropinex AQ, the manufacturer has only given a total amount for the Body & Mind Matrix: 855 mg.

The manufacturer may have given us an amount for the Body & Mind Matrix; but they failed to tell us what ingredients are in this blend.

There are three ingredients in the Pituitary Growth Matrix:

• Alseodaphne andersonii
• Alstonia macrophylla
• Sambucus australis

These ingredients are as obscure as they sound. In fact, we could not find any substantial information about the benefits and purposes of these ingredients. Alstonia macrophylla is “used medicinally” and Sambucus astralis boost immunities.

Does Tropinex AQ Work?

There are a few very positive customer reviews of Tropinex AQ. It seems that the supplement may be doing something positive for people, but we don’t know how this is possible. None of the ingredients in Tropinex AQ are used in other human growth hormone supplements.

Besides not knowing if the ingredients are effective or worthwhile, we don’t know if they are safe. If the wrong part of the plant—from which sambucus astralis is derived—is used it can be toxic. We don’t know which part is used in Tropinex AQ.

Cost & Guarantee

The retail price for 30 servings of Tropinex AQ is $89.99. The lowest available price online is $77.42, which includes shipping & tax. The product is sold by various online retailers; none of which offer a money back guarantee.

Educated Opinion

We do not recommend that you use Tropinex AQ for several reasons.

First, the manufacturer has not suppled enough information about the ingredients in this product. There is no information about individual ingredient amounts or the total amount of the Pituitary Growth Matrix. We are doubtful that an effective dose is being used.

Second, even if a strong dose of ingredients was being used; none of the ingredients have been clinically proven to increase growth factors.

Third, the price for Tropinex AQ is too much to pay for a product that causes us to ask so many questions, and provides no answers.

Fourth, we cannot confirm that Tropinex AQ will be effective or safe.

We suggest that you look for a human growth hormone product that is affordable and has effective, safe ingredients.

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