Synotrophin HGH Review

Synotrophin HGHDesigned specifically with the needs of bodybuilders and athletes in mind, the HGH-promoting supplement called Synotrophin HGH claims to be one of the best in the business.

Of course, every health and dietary supplement claims to be one of the best. After all, how would they make money if they didn’t make such bold claims?

In this review, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of Synotrophin HGH as we help you determine whether or not this product is an option to highly consider.

The Pros

For starters, Synotrophin HGH includes one very potent ingredient called GHRP, or Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides. As its name states, this peptide has the ability to increase the body’s natural production of HGH by stimulating the pituitary gland.

On top of that, it can also increase a user’s appetite by promoting the release of another peptide called Ghrelin, which is found inside the actual lining of our stomachs. Lastly, GHRP also plays a factor in speeding up a body’s metabolism.

Putting all those benefits together, you get quite a stud in GHRP. And since GHRP is an all-natural ingredient, it comes with no problematic side effects. This makes Synotrophin HGH not only potentially effective, but extremely safe too.

The Cons

GHRP is the most proven of the ingredients found in Synotrophin HGH; in terms of its HGH-promoting capabilities. The other three ingredients found in Synotrophin HGH worth mentioning are GABA, Niacin, and Arginine.

And while all three of these ingredients are potent in their own right, their abilities as HGH enhancers is still unknown. Some studies have shown positive findings, while others haven’t.

More specifically, GABA is a neurotransmitter that MAY be able to enhance HGH promotion. Likewise, Arginine is an amino acid that is mainly a weight loss ingredient, but one that MAY also be able to increase HGH levels. Lastly, and in line with the others,
Niacin is best known for its ability to decrease LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels, and MAY be able to induce HGH secretion.

Are you seeing a pattern here? The only proven ingredient in Synotrophin HGH’s blend is GHRP. Further, this isn’t the only major con associated with this product either.

We also failed to find a bona-fide ingredient list that included exact and named dosage amounts as well. Not only that, but no usage guidelines were provided on Synotrophin HGH’s website either.

All we basically know is that this product can boost HGH levels, and does so by using GHRP as one of its main ingredients…that’s it!


In conclusion, we couldn’t find enough evidence to justify giving a strong recommendation to Synotrophin HGH.

That being said, it does have potential and is a safe option to consider. So if you’re really desperate, you can always give it a shot. But if you do so, be sure to look for some sort of free trial offer online. This product is just too risky to consider paying full or retail price for it.

Better yet, you can always look at other HGH-promoting options out there that are proven, credible, and sure to be effective.

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