Somnidren-Gh Ultra Review

Somnidren-GH UltraThe body does most of its recovery while sleeping. In fact, that’s one of the only reasons that scientists speculate that we sleep: for recovering our bodily systems.

Any bodybuilder knows that you have to let your muscles rest in order for them to have time to grow and bulk up. If someone exercised all the time it would destroy their muscles. However, there is a way to maximize sleep: Somnidren-GH Ultra Ultra

About Somnidren-GH Ultra Ultra

As a HGH supplement, Millennium Sports has put together a fine blend to support both Somatotrophin and hinder its counter-hormone, Somatostatin. The Somatotrophin support complex is simple, with an amino acid blend and several relaxing and stimulating herbal extracts.

The Somatostatin inhibiting complex is a little more complicated but contains some essential amino acids and other compounds.

Somnidren-GH Ultra Ingredients

With an HGH support complex typical of other supplements, Somnidren-GH Ultra has an amino acid blend based around GABA. However the blend tends toward the Mucuna Pruriens extract, meaning that it will rest and stimulate the body, and, with the other amino acids, will promote muscle growth.

This, along with the Chlorophytum borivilianum are also potent hormonal releasers for testosterone.

While this complex is not as well known, it is recommended to keep Somatrophin’s counter-hormone, Somatostatin at bay. This allows the HGH formula to work longer during rest

Safety of Somnidren-GH Ultra

Somnidren-GH Ultra is safe when used as directed. It may cause mild side effects like a slight tingling sensation or heaviness. This usually goes away after fifteen minutes.

Because Somnidren-GH Ultra causes drowsiness, you should only take this supplement before going to bed. People who have certain sleep disorders or mental illnesses shouldn’t use Somnidren-GH Ultra. Don’t take Somnidren-GH Ultra if you are younger than 18; pregnant or nursing; or taking certain medications.

The manufacturer recommends that you talk to your doctor before taking Somnidren-GH Ultra.


While Somnidren-GH Ultra is still newer to the market, users of Somnidren-GH Ultra that have switched to Ultra report that it has all of the benefits if its predecessor, without the grogginess upon waking up. Not a major step above the rest of HGH supplements, Somnidren-GH Ultra is still a top pick for those looking to maximize their workouts in every way.

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