Somatroph HC Review

Somatroph HCDue to modern science, manufacturers have been able to develop HGH-replenishing supplements such as Somatroph HC.

Designed to be safer than and just as effective as HGH injections, these HGH supplements have become the new craze – especially for those who actually suffer from HGH deficiencies.

That said, not all of these HGH products are nearly as effective as others.

About Somatroph HC

Like most other HGH supplements, Somatroph HC is known as an HGH releaser. You see, the pituitary gland is tasked with the responsibility of synthesizing and secreting HGH into our systems. Over time, the pituitary gland stops producing as much HGH as it used to and people become HGH deficient

Basically, the ingredients contained in Somatroph HC are designed to enhance the production of HGH in the pituitary gland. Unlike HGH injections, HGH releasers do not contain any levels of artificial HGH, making them a much safer option.

So we know that Somatroph HC is most likely a safe option to use. But is it effective? We’ll have to take a deeper look at the ingredients found in its blend in order to answer that question.

Somatroph HC Ingredients

Somatroph HC claims to have a unique formula of ingredients, which is a bit puzzling when you consider the fact that it only has three ingredients.

Still, we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions due to this tidbit. Some of the most potent blends are also the shortest and simplest blends around.

Here are those three ingredients found in Somatroph HC, including:

Niacinamide 20mg – More commonly known as Vitamin b-3, Niacinamide is tasked with the responsibility of relaxing and calming a nervous or distressed body. In this sense, it acts to promote the well-being and function of a body’s nervous system.

L-DOPA Extract 50 mg – L-DOPA extract has an amazing ability to target and help the pituitary gland in the process of HGH secretion. This proven ingredient also serves to increase cognitive acuity.

GABA 20mg – GABA serves as an HGH-releasing ingredient, and also helps to regulate and maintain a body’s nervous system.

Each of these ingredients has the ability to promote the release of HGH. In order for these abilities to be realized, each of these ingredients needs to be found in proven and adequate amounts…and 20mg usually fails to reach. Fifty milligrams is the minimum.

Because two of the three ingredients failing to hit the dosage standard, Somatroph HC is just not potent enough to be as effective as it promises.


We know that the truth can be hard to swallow at times, but Somatroph HC is lying straight into the face of its users by promising to be a quality HGH-releasing supplement.

By “lying straight into the face of,” we’re implying the point that it only takes a brief glance at its ingredients label to realize that this product lacks the punch and power to be effective.

The bottom line is this – there is just too much risk involved with Somatroph HC to give it a strong recommendation.

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    will somatroph hc and no-bolic pump stack build lean muscle and cut fat thanks please return answer

    phillip egan
    March 20, 2014 at 9:41 pm

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