Somatomax Review

SomatomaxWe all know the drill when it comes to HGH supplements. Men use it to spike their energy levels and to boost their muscle growth, women use it to decrease body fat, and both genders use it to fight against the wear and tear of aging.

But did you know that one particular HGH supplement also has the ability to promote restful sleep as well?

Yep, and its name is Somatomax. In regard to its uniqueness, Somatomax was designed primarily to help those individuals who suffer from insomnia or simply have troubles falling asleep.

And secondarily, Somatomax also has the ability to increase the secretion and release of HGH in our bodies – making it a quasi-HGH supplement if you had to categorize it.

Somatomax Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the most important ingredients found in Somatomax, including:

L-Dopa Bean Extract – You may have seen this ingredient listed on other HGH supplements as well. That’s because L-Dopa Bean extract is known for its ability to induce the secretion and release of HGH from the pituitary gland. L-Dopa is a form of dopamine.

Glycine – Glycine is tasked with the function of promoting neurological activity in the brain. Its specific responsibilities include the regulation of neurons which control our memory and cognitive skills.

Moomiyo Extract – This extract is a vital component found in most HGH supplements because of its ability to prevent age-related hormone disorders from occurring. Moomiyo also doubles as an anti-inflammatory ingredient and helps to reduce joint pain and other ailments related to old age.

GABA – Perhaps the most important ingredient found in Somatomax because of its “sleep-inducing” properties, GABA basically aids a body’s sleep cycle. With the help of GABA, your body should be able to relax to the point where it can sleep consistently throughout the night.

L-Arginine – L-Arginine is tasked with some very specific and important functions including the jobs of promoting muscle growth, protein synthesis, and cell replication. In this sense, L-Arginine can do wonders when combined with other HGH-promoting ingredients.

Somatomax’s blend is all-natural and free of stimulants that are often associated with side effects.

Is Somatomax Safe?

Studies have shown that excessive levels of dopamine in the brain can lead to health concerns such as redundant headaches and periods of nausea. These are the two most common side effects associated with Somatomax. If you are already prone to either headaches or nausea, Somatomax may not be the best option for you.


In terms of our recommendation, Somatomax is best for those who are truly looking for a sleep-enhancing supplement. The other functions that it provides are nice and all, but they are only bonuses on top of its primary function.

If you’re only looking to boost your body’s HGH production, or only looking to boost your sex drive, or only looking to increase your mood, there are better options available that are molded to tackle these issues.

To sum things up – consider Somatomax if sleep is what you need, but look elsewhere if you’re only considering it because of its secondary benefits.

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