Somathil Review

When you google Somathil, images of a rock hard, chiseled, beefcake of a man stare at you like he wants to punch you in the face. His tribal tattoo covers his shoulder as his veins protrude like he’s got worms wriggling under his skin.

This guy is not fooling around when it comes to using HGH as a way to look and feel as muscular as possible.

So maybe you’re not into the whole worm vein look, and you don’t want everyone to run and hide after looking into your threatening eyes. Or maybe you do want this. Either way, the question is whether or not Somathil will really give you the results that it advertises.

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, has been sweeping the weight loss industry for a few years now. The most popular method of getting HGH is getting HGH shots and going on a strict diet of only 500 calories per day.

Not only does this sound a little scary, but it also seems really unhealthy. That is why Somathil was created. This product is taken by using oral drops, which are a homeopathic source of HGH. You don’t have to deal with shots, and you don’t have to starve yourself.

Somathil Ingredients

The main ingredient in this product is Somatropin. Although it is synthetically made, it is identical to HGH chemically, biologically, and physically.

Clinical studies have been done to prove that Somatropin can increase the health of our bodies. It can:

*Increase lean muscle mass and bone density
*Decrease body fat
*Boost Energy
*Stabilize emotions
*Increase Iibido
*Create healthy hair and skin

The other ingredients that are listed help make up the solution that dilutes Somatropin in a homeopathic way.

Is Somathil Safe?

One of the selling points of Somathil is that it is very safe. That is one reason as to why people turn to homeopathy. There are no side effects or dangers by taking it. Just make sure you check in with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or are taking any other medications.

Somathil Policies

One of the down sides of this product is that is does not come with a money-back guarantee. You are out of luck if Somathil doesn’t give you the results that you want.

You can find a free shipping option, if you buy this product from a third party site. Or you can just but it from the main website.

You can buy a bottle of Somathil for $59.99.

Overall Value of Somathil

For what Somathil is, it is a good product. If you want to try your luck with homeopathy and don’t feel like getting high dosage shots, then this could be the product for you.

Although since it is a homeopathic, it is not meant to replace or replicate a HGH prescribed treatment. You may need something more aggressive than Somathil.

But if you just want a safe kick to the pituitary gland for overall body health and muscle growth, then give Somathil a try.

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Somathil User Reviews

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  1. Ken

    At 17, even with hgh, you probabLy won’t grow. Most pepole stop growing at 14-16. So I don’t think the releaser will work. If your truly concerned, see a doctor for a more detailed answer. Non prescirbed meds may not always work, or may not be the real thing.

    May 13, 2012 at 3:22 pm

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