Is HGH Safe?

Although the mention of HGH might make you think of the orange and veiny muscles of bodybuilders, the truth is that human growth hormone is responsible for a variety of things within the body, not limited to just the increased production of lean muscle mass.

But because HGH can help you feel younger, eliminate signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, and even restore your sexual vigor, it has become increasingly common to see HGH in prescription medications, over the counter options and supplemental remedies.

This increase in popularity begs the question, “Is HGH safe?”

That largely depends on the different type of HGH product that you are planning on using, or using already. So here is a closer look about the dangers and side effects that are associated with each different HGH option.

HGH Injections

is hgh safeLegal only under the close supervision of a licensed physician, it is no surprise that injections of a synthetic version of human growth hormone is one of the most dangerous methods of increasing your HGH levels.

Recombinant human growth hormone, or rHGH, is a version of the hormone that is manufactured in a lab and then administered by doctors for those with a diagnosed deficiency in human growth hormone to either help them develop normally or continue to lead a healthy life.

Of course, these injections of HGH have become available on the black market and have been taken advantage of by many in the world of professional sports, bodybuilding and even your average consumers.

However, these injections come with serious risks of overdose as well as blood-borne illnesses that are easily transmitted when using illegal substances.

One of the risks associated with injecting too much HGH into your veins is the condition of Acromegaly. This is the name for a condition that is associated with an unsustainable growth of tissues in the body. Although it starts with your essential organs, it eventually spreads to abnormal bone and soft tissue growth, resulting in severe disfigurement and even death in some cases.

HGH Supplements

Unlike injections of HGH, human growth hormone supplements do not contain actual molecules of the peptide hormone. Instead, they contain precursors that act as signals to your nervous system to stimulate the production and secretion of HGH in your own body.

Since your body will not produce too much HGH than you can handle, the risks of overdosing on this powerful hormone are completely eliminated. And since the HGH that is stimulated is produced by your own body, you don’t have to worry about any incompatibility that is associated with synthetic HGH.

Unsurprisingly, HGH supplements have started to become much more popular than the dangerous alternative of HGH injections. However, because there are still many ingredients in HGH supplements that are designed to work with a delicate balance of neurotransmission chemicals within the body, it is never a good idea to exceed the dosage of the HGH supplement that is recommended by the manufacturer.

So if you are wondering whether or not increasing your levels of HGH is safe or not, just remember that the human growth hormone itself is entirely safe, and is produced within your own body, but the safety issue lies with which method you use.

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