IGF-1 Plus Review

IGF-1 Plus is a natural supplement that is formulated with deer antler velvet, which contains an extreme amount of insulin like growth factor-1. IGF-1 hormone is produced by the liver, and is given much credit for the youthful benefits it can have on your body.

Life-flo is the company website where you can find detailed information about them and their products. IGF-1 Plus is a spray supplement that gets into your bloodstream faster than a tablet or capsule, so it can deliver the benefits faster.

Some of the benefits IGF-1 Plus may help you achieve are:

• Weight loss
• Increase in muscle mass and firmness
• More restful sleep
• Increase in energy
• Faster recovery time for injuries
• Enhance memory
• Youthful skin and overall better health

IGF-1Plus Ingredients

The main ingredient in the formula is Cervidae Parvum Comu, better known as deer antler velvet. This ingredient is claimed to contain the highest amount of natural IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor).

IGF-1 is the primary youth promoting factor of HGH. Within around 30 minutes after the pituitary gland produces HGH, it is converted by the liver into the powerful growth promoting hormone IGF-1.

IGF-1 hormone is responsible to an increase in muscle mass, increase in weight loss, firmer skin, deeper, more restful sleep, boosts immune function, cell rejuvenating, injury recovery time, and other youthful anti-aging benefits.

Other ingredients include: Stevia leaf extract, purified water, xylitol, lecithin, natural flavor blend, and potassium sorbate.

Does IGF-1Plus Work for Everyone?

Customer testimonies were hard to find, but we were able to locate a handful. The reviews were positive, one praised its ability to increase energy and other happy customer (bodybuilder) said he got what he wanted, muscle mass and weight loss, and emphasized that it worked with more aggression while working out.

Is IGF-1Plus Safe?

IGF-1 Plus is safe for adult men or women over the age of 35 if used as directed. if you are pregnant or taking medications of any kind, you should talk to your health care provider before taking IGF-1 Plus.

IGF-1Plus Price

There is a very wide price range for IGF-1 Plus starting at $20.00 and going as high as $56.00. There is on average 60 servings that gives you about a one month supply.

As far as a guarantee, we haven’t found any site that offers one. The official Life-flo website states they have the best guarantee offered, but there are no further details about it, you are sent to customer service where you have to call or email to get more details about it.

IGF-1Plus Overall Value

If the official website could give more details about IGF-1 Plus it would help us determine if it is an effective supplement. But, we don’t have a full ingredient amount, and they mention having a great guarantee, but again, it is only mentioned and the customer has to investigate it through customer service calls.

There isn’t enough to go on to say conclusively that IGF-1 Plus is a worthwhile supplement. There are however, many products on the market that fill in all the blanks for the consumer, we suggest further researching until you find a better product.

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