Humafuze Review

Even though it is new to the HGH scene, Humafuze has already started to turn some heads due to a design that incorporates no artificial or synthetic levels of HGH in its blend.

HGH injections have become a popular option for many people trying to raise their HGH levels in order to increase energy, stamina, and muscle gain. Although effective, many of these HGH injections include high levels of artificially-made HGH that often lead to problematic side effects after use.

Humafuze, on the other hand, claims to only include ingredients and amino acids that serve to stimulate HGH production and the release of the hormone in the brain.

This claim, if true, means that Humafuze is a much safer option compared to other HGH enhancing-drugs and injections because it isn’t subjecting its users to high amounts of laboratory-made HGH.


The makers of Humafuze claim to have created a blend out of the best HGH-enhancing ingredients. On top of this claim, all the ingredients found in this diet pill can also, supposedly, be found in their most absorbable forms.

Here is a list including a few of the ingredients found in Humafuze:

Glutamine Pepties – This ingredient serves the very simple function of helping to stimulate a brain into releasing more HGH.

Indena Green Tea – This green tea is basically a fat burner. It also includes a high level of antioxidants and can help to rid a body of any waste that has built up in its system.

CoQ10 – This amino acid actually serves a major purpose in helping to regulate weight loss and gain. Basically, a lack of this amino acid has been linked to weight gain, while an abundant amount of this amino acid has been associated with high rates of weight loss.

Chromax – This multi-tasking mineral can help to regulate a body’s blood sugar level and also has the ability to enhance and help with the transportation of glucose throughout a body’s system.

ZMA – This ingredient is actually a mixture of Vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc. Its main purpose runs along the lines of helping to enhance muscle and strength performance in a body.


As you can probably tell from the aforementioned list of ingredients, Humafuze is designed to perform multiple tasks including the enhancement of HGH levels, the increase of energy and stamina, and the decrease of weight gain.

Along with its multi-functional capabilities, it’s already been noted that this diet pill claims to be a safer option than its competition. Just as important, its easily-absorbent ingredients allow for a body to take full advantage and use of its properties.


The biggest concern with Humafuze comes from the mere fact that it is still relatively new. Since it is new, it may be hard for you to research this product due to a lack of solid reviews and articles.

That said, there should still be enough information out there for you to paint an educated picture on Humafuze – at least enough so for you to decide whether or not you want to try it out.


In conclusion, the potential for Humafuze to be a great HGH-enhancing product is there. Its design allows it to be both safe and effective for users. If you feel confident in this HGH supplement, go ahead and give it a shot.

But our advice would be to wait a little longer on this product while keeping close tabs on it, just to see how it pans out with other users first.

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