How to Increase Muscle Mass with HGH

how to increase muscle mass

Although the use of human growth hormone injections have been both popularized and scandalized by professional athletes and celebrities alike, very few people understand the impact that an increased level of HGH can have on their lives.

Whether or not you are a professional bodybuilder, the hormone somatropin, also called human growth hormone, can help you increase your ability to build lean muscle mass no matter what stage of life you are in. And since a healthy amount of lean muscle mass has been proven to be directly correlated with a healthy BMI, muscle mass could be your ticket to a smaller waistline.

So if you are one of those who are unsure about how human growth hormone affects your ability to increase muscle mass, keep reading for the most important ways that HGH increases muscle mass.

Increases Your Cells’ Replication Rate

In the body, one of human growth hormone’s most important responsibilities is to make sure that cells are able to healthily replicate to make new tissue and get rid of old and dysfunctional cells.

HGH works on the cellular level to revitalize cells that have damaged DNA or have been harmed by free radicals and other aging processes. This makes it easier for your body to respond to workouts by building new muscle cells.

For all those who have felt debilitating soreness after a long strength training session without any increase in muscle to fat ratio, you could be experiencing the effects of a declining rate of human growth hormone.

Boosts Recovery Time

Essentially, workouts are designed to stress your body to the point of your strength threshold, signalling to your body that more muscle tissue is required to perform these new tasks.

Although this works quite well for younger people, as you age your body has a much harder time responding to the stress of workouts and instead spends more time barely recovering from strength training rather than building new tissue.

With an increased level of human growth hormone, your body is much more able to repair damaged tissues and build new tissues that will equal more powerful workouts and more stamina.

Decreases Fat to Muscle Ratio

In order to have leaner muscles, you have to get rid of fat that builds up underneath the skin and between layers of muscle. Not only does this fat take away from muscle tone, but extra fat equals extra weight that can make your workouts harder than they have to be.

More human growth hormone encourages your body to rely on fat stores by promoting lipolysis, or the breakdown of fat, therefore decreasing subcutaneous fat.

Final Word

As you age, your body slows its production of human growth hormone, causing you to experience a gradual decline in muscle production. But because lean muscle mass is vital to a fast metabolism and helps your body function better, it is important to maintain a healthy level of HGH.

As of right now, the only legal way to boost your HGH levels without a doctor’s prescription is with HGH supplements or HGH releasers. Look for products that simulate your body’s natural signals for HGH production for the best results.

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