HGH Cost: Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

the cost of human growth hormones

According to statistics, about 75,000 out of 265 million Americans are in true need of Human Growth Hormone, but with the rising cost of insurance policies combined with the economic recession, very few adults are able to get the sufficient treatment they need.

If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of HGH, then be prepared to whip out that credit card, because the HGH cost may be more expensive than you think.

Variables to Consider

As with any other popular product or commodity, HGH prices are constantly fluctuating depending on the supply and demand.

Additionally, there are various other factors that may influence how much you spend on HGH such as:
• Type of HGH Product (injection vs. supplement)
• Insurance Policies and Dr. recommendations
• Brand names vs. generic over-the-counter
• Location and price of shipping
• Discounts and promotions

Depending on the above factors and your actual budget, the cost of Human Growth Hormones could range anywhere from thousands of dollars to less than $100 a month.

HGH Injections

the cost of human growth hormonesHGH injections are both the most reliable method for increasing HGH and the most risky. When used correctly, HGH injections have the potential to significantly increase energy levels, bone density, and even improve BMI. They are FDA approved and clinically proven to work.

According to Nicholas Tritos, MD, “HGH is a protein that will get broken down in the stomach unless it is injected. And besides, any drug not tested or approved by FDA is risky because it is unknown and not necessarily safe, pure, sterile, or what is being advertised.”

On the other hand, synthetic HGH also has the potential to cause negative side effects and long-term damage such as acromegaly (uncontrolled bone growth in the face), edema (painful swelling in body tissues), and the increased risk of diabetes and cancerous tumors – no wonder HGH injections are only available through a prescription!

Synthetic HGH injections can only be administered in a doctor’s office under careful monitoring, and because of this, it can cost anywhere from $1000-$3000 a month.

If you’re planning on using HGH for anything other than an HGH-deficiency (such as slowing signs of old age or cosmetic reasons), then most insurance policies won’t cover the cost. You’ll have to pay the treatment yourself.

HGH Supplements

Fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative for acquiring the HGH you need. Pills, powders, tablets, and other supplements can offer a wide variety of all-natural ingredients to work with your pituitary gland and increase HGH levels naturally.

Although the clinical research on many of these supplements is limited and many products are tainted or faked, finding a quality HGH supplement could save you thousands of dollars each month and still give you some of the benefits of higher HGH levels.

HGH Releasers
hgh releasersHGH releasers do not actually contain HGH. Instead, they rely on all-natural ingredients (typically amino acids) to support a healthy thyroid and pituitary gland for better HGH secretion. They are the cheapest source for increasing HGH, but many experts are under the impression that they are also the least effective.

HGH releasers are meant to be used in conjunction with a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and healthy sleeping patterns (all techniques can help increase HGH production naturally).

HGH Oral Sprays
Oral sprays can cost anywhere from $30 to $80 a month, and manufacturers often claim that Oral sprays work faster than any other form of HGH on the market.
Oral sprays are not ingested (so they’re not broken down in the stomach). Instead, they are absorbed through the mucosa in the mouth for supposedly faster results. Like HGH supplements they do not contain HGH.

Saving Money with HGH

Since very few of us can afford the cost of HGH injections or can acquire a doctor’s prescription for the ingredient, the natural alternative is to shop around for an HGH supplement that suits your individual needs and fits within your budget.

Since HGH supplements vary in effectiveness, you’ll want to be absolutely certain the product you’ve chosen will give you the results you’re looking for. The following tips can help you find a quality supplement.

Things to Keep in Mind
cost of hgh• Pay attention to ingredients and their concentrations –look for clinically proven ingredients in precise amounts rather than proprietary blends

• Look for a money-back guarantee – the longer the guarantee, the more confident the manufacturers are in their formula

• Read customer reviews – if others have tried it and it works for them, chances are likely that it may work for you too

Additional Suggestions

After reviewing countless HGH supplements, we’ve found some of the most reliable ways to increase HGH naturally while cutting down on the HGH cost. Click here to find out which products will give you more bang for your buck.

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