Using Human Growth Hormone for Bodybuilding

HGH is another name for Human Growth Hormone, the master-in-chief of all change, growth, and development that takes place in the human body.

When you were a child, HGH made you lose your teeth and experience growth spurts. As a teenager, it was the reason that all of the girls in the high school got way more attractive than they were in junior high.

Today, HGH is what is behind any muscle growth that you experience after following a lifting plan with dedication.

HGH is produced in the pituitary gland, a small little organ about the size of a pea that is located in the bottom center of the brain.

When you were a child, your pituitary gland produced HGH in high amounts in order to get you from infancy to adulthood. Now that your body is fully developed, however, your pituitary gland keeps HGH production to a minimum, somewhere around only 500mcg per night, a tiny fraction of what it produced when you were a teenager.

Benefits of HGH

Somewhere around the late 20th century, researchers started to realize that there might be more benefits to increasing HGH levels than anyone had previously though.

After conducting many different studies, researchers concluded that HGH does more than meets the eye.

Its benefits include:
• Synthesis of new protein tissues, meaning that you recover faster from hard workouts. This also means that muscle is built a lot faster.
• Retention of lean muscle mass and lowers fat percentages.
• Improved quality of sleep and sleeping patterns.
• Greater production of energy.
• Improvement of sexual performance and function.
• Development of stronger bones.
• Improved function and health of the heart and kidneys.

The benefit the probably caught your eye (aside from improving sexual performance) is the ability to build muscle mass faster.

It is for this very reason that a lot of bodybuilders have been turning to HGH as a means of improving athletic strength and performance.

How Can I Get More HGH?

The answer to this question has not always been the same. To give you an overview of the different options for increasing HGH levels, we will explore each of them.

Artificial HGH
The most controversial way that athletes increase HGH levels is through the injection of artificial HGH. In most athletic communities, artificial HGH is a form of doping and is banned.

In the United States, in fact, it is illegal to use artificial HGH without a prescription from a doctor.

This is because in large doses it can result in acromegaly, a disease that most frequently causes disfiguration because of the changed structure of bones. HGH injections have also been known to cause pituitary tumors.

It is not recommended that you use artificial HGH to improve athletic performance as it is very dangerous, not to mention illegal.

HGH Releasers
The most popular method of increasing HGH levels is through HGH Releasers, also called HGH Supplements.

These products work by stimulating the pituitary gland to naturally produce more HGH than it normally would.

This is a much safer way to increase HGH because there are not as many risks associated with it.

Studies have also shown that using HGH Releasers has been effective at helping users receive the benefits of increased levels of HGH without the dangerous risks.

Increase Natural Production
If you are wary about putting something in your body that can change how it works, you can also fast periodically, make sure to get adequate sleep at night, and perform high intensity interval training.

All of these methods have been shown to increase HGH levels even more naturally.

The Bottom Line

Whatever method you choose of increasing HGH levels, you will certainly be happy with the effect it has on your bodybuilding regimen.

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