Goliath Labs Humoloid Review

Humoloid is a pro hormone growth stimulant that promises to help you to look and feel better than ever before. Humoloid comes in form of a spray and is supposed to help you get amazing results in a way that is convenient and effective.

Goliath Labs has created a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) product that is supposed to stimulate rapid muscle growth and have anti-aging properties. This product, known as Humoloid, has a proprietary blend of ingredients that has been developed and engineered entirely for success.

The manufacturer promises that you finally get help to expand your muscle building capacity and exceed the below-average performance of your body.

How Does Humoloid Work?

Unlike some other HGH sprays and supplements, Humoloid does not contain artificial HGH. Artificial HGH is illegal (or must be obtained with a prescription) and it has been banned by most professional sport organizations. Instead, Humoloid has ingredients that can stimulate the production of natural HGH in the body.

Some of the ingredients in Humoloid are Mucuna Pruriens (15% L-Dopa), Alpha GPC, GABA, L-Arginine, and several others. Each of the ingredients, that we’ve mentioned, has the ability to stimulate HGH production in your body. This is usually accomplished by stimulating the pituitary gland which is responsible for the production and release of HGH.

Many of the ingredients in Humoloid are amino acids which can help build more muscle, raise nitric oxide levels, enhance mental focus, and prevent muscular breakdown.

In fact, Humoloid has several great ingredients that are completely capable of producing the benefits promised by the manufacturer. This is definitely hard to find on the market these days.

Is Humoloid Safe?

If used as directed, Humoloid should be safe and it should not cause any negative side effects. Also, we like the fact that the directions for Goliath Labs Humoloid say that the best time to take Humoloid is before going to bed, as you usually produce the most HGH while you are asleep anyway.


Although many HGH sprays have been found to be effective, there are also some problems with the formulas being too diluted and not offering enough ingredients to actually stimulate the production of human growth hormone.

However, after looking more closely at Goliath Labs Humoloid, we found that this product definitely has some impressive ingredients and its users have been happy with the results. For this reason, we think that Goliath Labs Humoloid might be worth trying.

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