GHBoost Version 4 Review

In 1997 Dr. Mauro G. Di Pasquale came out with the first GHBoost supplement. Since that time GHBoost has undergone many updates and improvements. Today, GHBoost Version 4 is still popular with athletes and bodybuilders and many men and women who want to improve their bodies or optimize their sports performance.

GHBoost Version 4 is a natural way to enhance the production of growth hormone. GHboost Version 4 also increases insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). Growth hormone and IGF-1 work together to increase protein synthesis, increase body fat loss and decrease muscle breakdown.

GHBoost Version 4 has even better results when combined with other Metabolic Diet supplements. The Metabolic Diet website provides detailed information about GHBoost Version 4 test study data, a breakdown of ingredients and how they function in the formula, customer support and history of the company.

GHBoost Version 4 Ingredients

There are over 30 different ingredients in the formula in forms of vitamin, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients. They were specifically chosen because of their individual benefits. When combined the ingredients may help boost immune function, increase testosterone, stimulate growth hormone production, improve overall health, improve sleep, increase energy, and enhance cognitive function.

We will list ‘some’ of the ingredient in the formula and their specific function:

• GABA 500 mg : growth hormone stimulator, stress reliever, reduces tension and anxiety, and a natural sleep aid
• L-Arginine Pyroglutamate 500 mg: support cognitive functions, stimulates more GH production
• Bovine Colostrum 1000mg : good source of IGF-1, boosts immune function, and rich in immunoglobulins which have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
• Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract (Root) 430mcg : contains antioxidant properties

GHBoost Proprietary Complex 1700mg
• Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine : delivers choline to the brain, enhances memory and mood, and mental clarity
• Alpha Lipoic (ALA) : an antioxidant that is in every cell and helps turn glucose into energy
• Melatonin : has antioxidant effects and is a growth hormone stimulator

GHBoost Version 4 the GOOD

• Good ingredient list with ingredient amount
• Clinical test data
• Informative website
• Customer support

GHBoost Version 4 the BAD

• No satisfaction guarantee
• Expensive

Does GHBoost Version 4 Have Side Effects?

There is no information about side effects that we can find. It is always advised that you see your health care provider before taking GHBoost Version 4.

If you are pregnant or lactating you should not take GHBoost Version 4. If you are currently taking medication or have health conditions that involve your heart, liver, kidneys or blood pressure you should not take GHBoost Version 4.

GHBoost Version 4 Price and Return Policy

The price starts out at around $65.00 for a one month’s supply. The retail price is $89.95 on the Metabolic Diet website.

Unfortunately, there is no satisfaction guarantee offered by anyone. Metabolic Diet does provide a 30 money back guarantee on UN opened or UN used products only.

Final Thoughts on GHBoost Version 4

When you’re looking for a good GH supplement there are certain criteria it should be met. GHBoost Version 4 seems to have it all, except a satisfaction guarantee! We advise you to find it for a lower price on one of the on line retail sites to save a few dollars.

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