GH MAx Review

Growth hormone is like gold to serious bodybuilders and sports performers. Why? Because growth hormone is what builds lean muscles, helps fat loss, enhances energy, and help you get the most of your workout session. GH Max is a powerful blend of healthy natural ingredients that is designed to help you get the most benefits from your natural growth hormone production.

Universal Nutrition is a trusted name in bodybuilding supplements; they claim that GH Max was developed to give you size and strength, two very important elements to bodybuilders and power lifters.

They back their products with a guarantee, which helps make a potential customer feel better about purchasing GH Max. Clinical test study data would be helpful in showing how well GH Max works, but there is no information about testing.

How Does GH MAx Work?

Viatmin C: 100 mg : used to boost immune function because of its antioxidant abilities

Vitamin B6: 20 mg : helps metabolize proteins and fuels the body during working out and exercise

L-Arginine: 5 g : improves circulation, aids in cell division, removes ammonia from the body, and supports immune function

L-Ornithine: 2.5 g : supports the health of the thymus gland, liver, and heart tissue, enhances muscle growth, and improves immune system function

Beta-Sitosterol: 100mg : used to help break down cholesterol deposits in the body

L-Carnitine Complex: 100 mg : helps boost energy by converting fat into energy

Gamma Oryzanol: 50 mg : has antibiotic properties and enhances mood

Boron: 4 mg : strengthens bones and joints, converts food into energy, and enhances immune function

Is GH MAx Safe?

GH Max is formulated with all natural ingredients and is safe for adult men or women when used as directed. Universal Nutrition recommends that you see your physician before starting GH Max.

You should not use GH Max if you are pregnant, lactating, or if you are currently experiencing health issues.

What Do Customers Say About GH MAx?

Universal Nutrition does not include customer testimonials on their website, but we found a few reviews on other sites that are a little mixed.

Many customers didn’t give detailed examples of how GH Max worked for them, they just said it was effective.

The customers who got the best results said they were also using other supplements along with GH Max!!

GH MAx Price and Return Policy

The price ranges from $16.00 to $37.95 for a 30 day supply of capsules. GH Max can be found on many on line retail sites that sell vitamins and bodybuilding supplements.

The highest price is found on the Universal Nutrition website and it comes with a guarantee if purchased from the official website.

GH MAx Overall Value

Overall, we don’t see anything special about GH Max. Universal Nutrition does not include important information we need to help determine its potential.

The only customers who reviewed this product don’t say much, just that it worked, or it’s great, some said they saw no results. The customers who used GH Max with other supplements were the ones who got the most benefits.

Pay a little more and get a growth hormone supplement that shows clinical research and actual customer testimonials, and one with a money back guarantee if it does not work.

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