Blue GrowtH Review

Blue GrowtH is a natural supplement that is designed to stimulate the increase of growth hormone.

Blue GrowtH is a product of Controlled Labs, a manufacturing company that supplies products for athletes and sports performers.

Blue GrowtH was created for the serious athlete who is already in good shape and wants to take their body to the next level.

When growth hormone is increased, the result should be an increase in lean muscle mass, additional weight loss, improved energy level and an added benefit is sexual performance.

How Does Blue GrowtH Work?

Controlled Labs chose various herbs and nutrients to put in the Blue GrowtH formula. The combination of ingredients is in two different blends with each blend providing different benefits, all in one capsule.

The GH Complex (2250mg) is supposed to help stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of growth hormone. The ingredients also have other benefits such as stress reduction, and sexual benefits.

Safed Musli, Mucuna Pruriens, AlphaSize Alpha-GPC, and L-Theanine

The other blend within the formula is the SleepCycle Health Complex (1250 mg). This mixture helps calm and relax. Studies suggest that Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract may have a positive effect on depression.

Generally, HGH is secreted about an hour after the onset of night-time sleep. It’s important to for all these processes to take place, that’s why you will see many supplements with sleep and relaxation inducing ingredients.

L-Carnitine, GlycoCarn, Camellia Sinesis, and Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract

Does Blue GrowtH Have Side Effects?

Blue GrowtH does not have any side effects that have been reported. Controlled Labs states that if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems you should consult with your physician before taking Blue GrowtH.

Blue GrowtH Price

Controlled Labs sells Blue GrowtH for $74.99 for a one month supply (150 capsules). You can buy it for less on other sites for as low as $33.00 for the same quantity.

That’s over half the retail price and some sites provide satisfaction guarantees, so it will pay to shop around.

Blue GrowtH Guarantee

If you buy Blue GrowtH from Controlled Labs you have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to fall back on if you don’t get the desired results. They will also give you an additional 5% of the total back. All in all you get a 105% guarantee.

This guarantee is not valid if you purchase from another site. Other retail sites may provide some type of guarantee.

Blue GrowtH Overall Value

Controlled Labs provides a customer feedback section, all the responses are positive and some customers who made comments provided before and after photos of themselves. The customer testimonials we found on other sites are also positive.

Controlled Labs website offers support for customers and provides just about everything except testing data and individual ingredient amounts.

Blue GrowtH is expensive if you purchase it from Controlled Labs. You can buy it for half the price, but you may not have a guarantee with the lesser price. It might be worth trying if you buy from Controlled Labs you have the guarantee if you don’t get the desired results. If it does work for you, buy it for less from the other sites.

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