ASN Xomatropin Review

Xomatropin, from ASN, is claiming to be the hottest supplement in the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplement industry. Xomatropin is supposed to be the only HGH supplement that contains the natural ingredient: Humagro.

Xomatropin is one of the most recent additions in the market of HGH supplements. As the only product that carries this ingredient, Xomatropin hopes to be one of the best, most effective HGH supplements available.

Xomatropin combines a technology called “SMART”, with established GH technology. As a result you are supposed to get mind blowing incredible results from Xomatropin.

But does Xomatropin actually work? Does Xomatropin actually have the right ingredients? Equally as important, does Xomatropin have the right amounts of ingredients?

Does Xomatropin Work?

Xomatropin uses a blend of ingredients including the amino acids: L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Glutamate, and several others. We could not find Humagro in the list of ingredients. Nor could we find out what ingredients might be combined to makeup Humagro.

We were actually very disappointed with Xomatropin as we were researching this product, because any information is incredibly limited. The list of ingredients seems to be incomplete and does not include amounts. The manufacturer also does not elaborate on the effects of each ingredient or the potential results of using Xomatropin.

There are some good ingredients in Xomatropin, in the form of the amino acids. Amino acids provide nutrients to your muscles. They also stimulate muscle and bone growth and mental acuteness. However, none of the ingredients in Xomatropin are capable of producing effective amounts of HGH in your body.

We cannot tell how much of each ingredient is used. There needs to be at least 50 mgs of each ingredient otherwise the product will not be effective. Plus, the fact that Xomatropin is a spray negatively impacts its effectiveness. The recommended dose of a spray is almost never strong enough to be effective.

Is Xomatropin Safe?

We could not find information that states whether or not Xomatropin is safe or causes side effects.


We would strongly recommend that you find something other than Xomatropin. There is a lack of information regarding ingredients, benefits, and safety. Because of this, and because it is a spray, we don’t think it will be a very effective source of HGH supplementation. There are much better, more effective supplements available.

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