Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 Review

If you want a product that promotes immediate growth and development, take a good look at Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2. Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 will help you to finally get the massive muscle size, density, strength, and hardness you usually see among nationally ranked bodybuilders.

Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 can help you to trigger the production of more testosterone and growth hormone at the same time. It comes in serum form for fast absorption and dramatic growth. Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2’s amazing effect on muscle tissue has been seen with just 4 basic ingredients, which the manufacturer promises will help you to get exactly what you are looking for.

But does Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 actually work? Does Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 actually have the right ingredients? Does it have the right quantity of each active ingredient? Is it a safe supplement?

Does Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 Work?

Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 uses a few basic ingredients. One of the main ingredients is Rhodiola Rosea, which can promote greater energy. But unfortunately, like so many other human growth hormone products, the manufacturer uses a small proprietary blend to cover up the even smaller amounts of each ingredient!

This leads to a formula that does not have the right amounts of anything. It is more likely to cause stomach upset, because of all the fillers, than anything else. None of the ingredients found in Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 would actually produce more HGH. They don’t even mimic the results and benefits of HGH, no matter how much of the product you use.

Mucuna Pruriens causes a sense of certain relaxation. But that’s about as close as you get to actual results and benefits that would normally be seen with a real HGH supplement or injection for that matter.

Is Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 Safe?

Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 causes side effects such as headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and an elevated heartbeat.


We would strongly recommend that you do not use Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2. Yes, it has a relaxant which might help you sleep. However, that one benefit does not outweigh the many negative or ineffective properties of Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2. There are stimulants included in this product that could cause side effects and increase stress levels; keeping you up at night with insomnia.

Because Applied Nutraceuticals IGF-2 is not particularly safe or effective, we recommend that you save you money. Find a product that will actually give you the benefits you are looking for in a way that is safe and effective.

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