Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up Review

Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up is an all-natural HGH supplement meant to help you to finally get beyond the norm. Hormones are no match for Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up!

When it comes to Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up, you will finally be able to amplify your muscles and sustainably increase your natural size. Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up helps you to finally get control of the hormone production and cycles in your body. In prescription form, this could cost you thousands of dollars. But with Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up, you will only pay a fraction of that cost for far better results!

This supplement will support the output of growth hormone and local IGF-1 levels; promote mean serum GH levels; increase androgen receptor structure; and promote testosterone levels, muscular strength, and contractility.

Does Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up Work?

Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up has a specific blend of certain ingredients. One of the ingredients is green tea. This can help you to boost fat burning; it has antioxidant benefits, and gives you energy. Likewise, Mucuna Pruriens has been known to naturally reduce stress and improve your natural sleep patterns.

These ingredients can definitely be beneficial for the audience who generally look for a boost in human growth hormone, slightly older and those who have noticed their physical stamina declining. This is because our bodies start to produce less and less human growth hormone, thus necessitating a boost.

Is Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up Safe?

Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up could cause side effects such as headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and an elevated heartbeat. If you have a predisposed sensitivity toward caffeine, you should definitely try to taper onto doses of Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up and see how your body reacts before you do the full dose.

However, if you aren’t sensitive to caffeine, you should not experience too many negative side effects, at least not many more than you would with any other HGH releaser.


If you use this product to help you lift more weight and build bigger muscles, you may be disappointed since it does not have ingredients like creatine that are often found in HGH supplements that are designed to increase large amounts of muscle.

However, if you are using Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up to simply increase your energy levels and add to an overall feeling of health, you might want to try this product as it probably won’t change your life entirely, but should give you a noticeable boost.

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Applied Nutraceuticals HGH Up User Reviews

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  1. mr.

    is hgh bad for you? do i need estrogen blocked with this product?

    May 6, 2012 at 5:40 pm

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