Always Young Renewal IGF-1 Review

Always Young has released a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) oral spray: Renewal IGF-1. This spray is meant to give you an insulin-like growth factor. Basically, Renewal IGF-1 is supposed to give you the ability to naturally boost your body’s principle growth factors.

Renewal IGF-1 should help improve your body’s absorption of growth factors into the bloodstream and the production streaming from the pituitary gland. Renewal IGF-1 is supposed to help you experience all the benefits that come from higher HGH levels.

Some HGH products only add synthetic HGH into your body. Renewal IGF-1 is designed to stimulate your pituitary gland to increase the production of HGH. There was a time in your life when your body produced plenty of HGH. Over time these levels drop. If you want to have your energy and health levels restored, you need to get more HGH.

Does Renewal IGF-1 Work?

Renewal IGF-1 only has a few ingredients and most of these are not active. The one active ingredient is IGF-1, which stands for Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. It is a polypeptide protein hormone that is supposed to stimulate cell growth.

The inactive ingredients in Renewal IGF-1 are purified water, alcohol, and vegetable glycerin. Renewal IGF-1 is supposed to be 1 spray-a-day approach that will not require pills, an unpleasant taste, or any other complicated or indecent formalities.

Unfortunately HGH sprays, even if they have good ingredients, cannot possibly deliver effective amounts. With a recommended serving of 1-2 sprays, Renewal IGF-1 is unlikely to produce dramatic results, if any.

Is Renewal IGF-1 Safe?

There are no side effects listed for Renewal IGF-1 and the spray is considered to be safe. However, women who are pregnant or nursing and children should not use it.


The main ingredient in Renewal IGF-1 is a good one and it has a lot of benefits. The problem is that this product is unable to deliver enough of IGF-1 to be effective. It is a safe product. However, if you are looking for an HGH product that is effective and powerful, we suggest that you look elsewhere. HGH sprays do not usually fit into that category.

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